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Jada  Cooke


Jada Cooke, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, graduated from the University of Memphis (U of M) in May 2021, where she received her bachelors of science degree. In May 2018, she received her associates of science degree from Southwest Tennessee Community College. During her undergraduate studies at U of M, she accepted an internship in Nashville, Tennessee with a Tennessee Legislative Internship Program (TLIP) for the Tennessee General Assembly. While working as an intern, she decided to run for Lieutenant Governor for the TLIP mock session and won. During this session, she also wrote a legislative bill for the special education programs in the school system.
While the internship came to a close, Jada accepted a position with the Secretary of State office as a  compliance analyst for the Division of Charitable Organizations and Gaming. She currently holds a position as a business services officer for the Division of Business Services and Charitable Organizations. Throughout the community, Jada is also the Founder of Cooke-Up My Résumé Enterprise and president of the LYLAS (Love You Like A Sister) organization for the congregation in which she attends. She recently won the Miss Black Tennessee USA title, the entrepreneurial award, and viewers choice award for the Miss Black Tennessee USA pageant.As Miss Black Tennessee, Jada is working to raise awareness in regards to her platform for the Social and Health Equity for the special needs population. The two groups that she will specifically work with are those of the deaf and hard of hearing community and those with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. This platform is very personal due to the deaf and hard of hearing diagnosis of her older brother and her involvement with the Wooddale High School Autism Awareness Group, where she served as President.

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