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Kyra Maurice is a native of Gulfport, Mississippi. She has recently held the title of Miss Black Gulfport 2023. As of September 2023, she holds the tile of Miss Black Mississippi 2024. One of her greatest accomplishments was birthing ,” YOU GLOW GIRL” which she uses as her pageant platform. Through her pageant platform, she inspires women who have battled with anything such as cancer, depression,including post-partum and more that they are still beautiful and gives them that boost of confidence . In 2017, her grandmother , Laverne Harrington received a makeover and it was featured on WLOX and she is now giving women in the community that same feel that her grandmother talked about. Kyra is a multi- entrepreneur with her business Kaotic Beats where she does makeup , hairstyles, and hand crafted wigs . She is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Biology - Health Science at Alcorn State University.

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