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Alexis "Lexi" Williams is a beacon of inspiration, holding the title of Ms. Black Mississippi USA. She is the visionary CEO of Aloha Glamour, a brand that artfully blends African and Hawaiian styles to inspire and uplift. Lexi's journey, shaped by personal loss, has transformed into a powerful narrative of resilience and empowerment. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines in the fashion world, where her leadership and creativity have led to groundbreaking initiatives like the first Black-owned business Awards on The MS Gulf Coast. Lexi's influence extends beyond fashion; she's a celebrated figure in media, gracing pages and screens with her compelling story. A hero in her own right, Lexi served over 17 years in the Air Force and continues to touch lives through her humanitarian work. Her numerous accolades testify to her impact in business and community service. Lexi's life is a testament to the power of turning adversity into strength, encouraging women everywhere to embrace their voices and live vibrantly. As a mother and community pillar, she exemplifies the essence of leadership, energy, and innovation. Lexi Williams not only changes the fashion landscape but also inspires a brighter, more colorful world.

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