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Meet Us in Emerald City- 9/3

"Ease on down the road" to Hattiesburg, Mississippi September 3, 2023, for the Little Miss Black Mississippi Pageant. This year, the pageant will take place during the inaugural Miss Black Mississippi USA State Pageant. Applications have officially opened, and we anticipate a huge turnout for this year's competition!

Age Requirements- **As of January 1, 2023

Tiny Miss - Ages 5 - 7 Years Old

Little Miss - Ages 8 - 10 Years Old

Miss Black Mississippi Pre-Teen Ages 11 - 12 Years Old

Youth has to be of African descent (can be mixed), female that resides in the State of Mississippi.

Contestant details are listed on the official pageant flyer. Press the button below to complete the application and submit the $50 application fee.

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