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Brianna McField,
Miss Black Mississippi USA

Briänna B. McField, a native of “The Gateway to the Delta” Yazoo City, MS, is a proud daughter, Woman of Faith, and Disciple of God.  From her youth, she has been a forceful voice of change and advocacy and truly believes that she was "Born a Mouthpiece."

As the Valedictorian and Star Student of the Yazoo County “2013” Class, Briänna has always known that education is key to opening doors and opportunities. Thus, Briänna has gone on to pursue several degrees which  include a B.S. in Communication Studies from Millsaps College, a Master of Public Health: Health Policy and Management Degree from Jackson State University and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Public Health Degree in Health Policy and Management.

Beyond the scopes of excelling as a scholar, Briänna desires to fulfill the assignment of her brokenness by using her stories, experiences, and testimonies to bless the lives of others. Hence, Briänna founded Briänna Enterprises in 2020 in hopes to Empower, Educate, and Encourage people in every encounter she has with them. Briänna is a motivational and empowerment speaker, Co-Author of "Prayers For The Boss Babes", leader, mentor, model, and so much more. Briänna believes she has been "Anointed For This" and submits her life to the work and will of God!

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