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Torri Alexander

Torri Alexander is a native of Canton, Mississippi. She was recently crowned Ms. Black Mississippi, USA 2023. One of her greatest accomplishments was birthing the ministry “Let the Healing Begin” in which she also uses as her pageant platform. Through her ministry and pageant platform, she inspires women to adopt a holistic lifestyle that nourishes them as a whole. She also uses social media via a Facebook livestream show to educate women on how to transform their mind, body, and spirit. Her slogan is “Healing the Whole Woman”. Another accomplishment of hers is being a playwright.  In 2010 she wrote and produced the stage play "Stolen Identity" which focused on the lives of four women trying to reclaim their identities as they manuever through life's hardships.  She is currently pursuing a certification in Christian Counseling at Emerge Christian Training Institute which she hopes to use to better equip her in the ministry of women's health. 

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