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Trenity Usher

Trenity Usher is a Junior Biology Pre-Medicine Major at Jackson State University from Atlanta, GA. Trenity is a banner carrier for the Sonic Boom of the South, a modeling coach, and the brand ambassador of Rich in Color Cosmetics. My platform is name AMINATU which is based on Queen Amina or Aminatu in which who is most famous and remembered as the revered warrior queen. Her platform breaks down each letter of her name and each letter with a different word and meaning. Stands for Appreciate meaning everyone, not just women should appreciate others and how much we mean to others, M means Maintain women and men always have to maintain how we look and how we carry ourselves, I means Improvement because there are ways the world and society can improve, N stands for Natural as people should embrace how natural looks are just as perfect as any makeup could ever look, A meaning Admire which is important for individuals to admire themselves, T is Teachable meaning there is always something to teach to others and something new you can learn, and finally, U standing for Understanding meaning understand what is going on around you and understand there are individuals that want to see you succeed. 

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